Health Insurance — Seven Ways To Bring Down Cost

Are you interested in sure-fire ways to enjoy inexpensive rates for coverage that won’t compromise you? If so, these tips will go a long way in helping you achieve just that…

1. That excess weight will make you spend a lot in health insurance. There’s something known as Body Mass Index (BMI). It is used to determine a prospect’s rates.

The higher a person’s Body Mass Index rating, the higher their rates will be. When your Body Mass Index rating is high it simply means that your weight is too much for your height. Now don’t postpone it for when you can lose 30 pounds since shedding 5 pounds can reduce your BMI rating which will result in cheaper rates.

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2. Using tobacco in any form will add to your rates. Those who snuff or chew tobacco will also attract higher rates than people who don’t

So, you will help yourself attract cheaper rates if you stay away from tobacco use in any form.

3. A bad driving record can make you pay higher health insurance rates. Being convicted of traffic violation isn’t just bad for your auto insurance rate it also affects your health insurance rates. An individual who drives recklessly might make a claim shortly as they’re more likely to require medical attention.

Improving your driving records and developing a good driving habit will reduce your premium. If you drive a sports car or super bike, you will likely pay much more for health insurance. The simple reason remains that you increase the chances that you will make claims soon.

4. A very affordable rate is good but be certain that you don’t get led astray by making it the only factor. You want a cheap rate that also gives the right value. If the cheapest quote has all that is of value to you, then choose it. But if you don’t find the right value in the lowest rate, you’ll be making the right choice if you spend more to make sure you really have the level of plan that you really need.

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5. Go for catastrophic health insurance rather than the traditional policy if you hardly fall take ill and you’ll get better rates. You are given coverage for those conditions or medical needs that could arise suddenly.

The good thing about this policy is usually appreciated in situations where an ailment or accident makes the patient incur very exorbitant medical bills that would otherwise wipe out most people’s life savings. The name really does offer a clue of what it provides coverage against. They can be bought at very cheap rates.

Notwithstanding, the deductibles are normally as much as $2,000 but they are definitely worth it because you hardly fall sick and are getting coverage in case a catastrophic health condition or accident befalls you.

6. A Flexible Spending Account is helpful in your quest to reduce your spend. This type of account allows you to put away tax-free dollars mainly for your health needs. Any money unused could be rolled over into the next year (still tax free). You can build a big reserve of funds for your health care needs tax-free if you open a Flexible Spending Account.

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7. Quit drinking if you want affordable rates. Drinkers pay more for health insurance.

Drinking is the source of a good number of ailments and that is apart from the fact that it definitely will add to your risk to health insurance companies.

What quantity of alcohol is ok for you? I can’t really say as there are people who can take a bottle and still be okay while some will drink just a sip and then go bersek.

What I know is the fact that quitting alcohol abuse is would help a lot. For those who can’t quit completely, do your best to drink in moderation.

It’s just that for most people drinking in moderation is even more tasking than quitting. You can get help if you really want to stop drinking.
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